The DIY Guitar Pick Punch

Are you a guitarist? Always losing picks? Of course you are, guitar picks are worse than socks for disappearing!

Are you also the kind of person who looks at random pieces of plastic and thinks…”If that were a small triangle it’d be perfect for strumming”. If so the guitar pick punch is for you. Just think how many hours of fun you can have with credit cards, hotel key cards and pensioners’ bus passes. It’d be at least an one hours worth of fun……definitely 10 minutes.

Or you could buy it for your guitarist friend (we all have one). You’ll love the look of genuine joy on his/her face upon opening this unique gift which they will tell you is “awesome” and is something they can “defo use”, only to then see it mere months later buried under a pile of faulty leads and discarded guitar string packets.

“guitar picks are worse than socks for disappearing!”

At the end of the day if a guitarist wants a pick, they will buy one, or several of their favourite brand. Guitar picks are like dishes on an Indian restaurant menu – it takes a while to find the one you like best, but once you do you stick to it. So really, spending £20 on a fancy stapler that creates inferior musical tools out of expired debit cards isn’t quite going to cut it (no pun intended).

But hey if you already have one I hope you like it, maybe you can enlighten me on some alternative uses for it…….Doritos miniaturiser? 2D arrow head maker?


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