The Hanging Tree – Mockingjay’s lament

You may have already been out to see Mockingjay Part 1, you may be yet to go, or you may be the kind of person who dismisses it as tween bilge. But either way we have something today that you are sure to enjoy.

Within the latest Hunger Games film is a wonderful folk inspired lament. Katniss sings the song as the revolution steps up in a crucial sequence involving a dam and many lost lives. The song, entitled The Hanging Tree, was written by the book’s author Suzanne Collins alongside The Lumineers. It is a haunting piece which starts out vary bare and ends with a stirring orchestral arrangement by composer James Newton Howard.

Check it out!

My own opinion on The Hunger Games is a kind of take it or leave it type approach. I think the performances are great and the story itself has great power, however I think it often stays too safe in lieu of its key demographic. But this song is a stand out treasure; a truly rousing piece of music that works equally well in or out of context. And the vocal performance is beautifully understated.

Is there anything Jennifer Lawrence can’t do? Seriously!

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