The Raid 2 Berandal – Teaser Trailer Hits…..and Shoots

The Raid was one of the best moments of surprise I have ever had in the cinema. I went to the film knowing that it was a martial arts film made by a welshman. So I was sitting in the audience with very few expectations beyond a kind of raised eyebrow curiosity.

raid 2 2

What I got was one of the finest action movies ever made. The first Raid film has all the great elements from a classic action movie, mixed assuredly with modern day action tropes and edgy independent movie style/aesthetic. It introduced us to a fighting style never seen on camera (Silat) and gave us a new action hero in the pint sized power house Iko Uwais.

The first film is a mile a minute, with moments of brutality that command a collective “ooof” from a viewing crowd. The premise is like a 90s video game on steroids and the innovation on display from director Gareth Evans instantly placed him in the pantheon of great action directors.

It was no surprise then that a second movie would be green lit. Though we still have a little wait for the release, the first teaser trailer for The Raid 2 Berandal has been released today. It creates mystery, brooding and gives flashes of stepped up violent insanity that promises a similar audience engaging experience when it finally hits the big screen next year.

Check it out.

Why is Iko Uwais’ character Rama in jail? What is the story behind new character Hammer Girl? Why are characters in the Raid films so obsessed with shooting people in the face at point blank range even when they’re already dying on the floor? All these questions and more will be answered in the New Year. Though no release date has been given it is likely to hit cinemas around March/April. See you there!

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