The Ultimate Proposal – You Can’t Beat This

I’m going to toot my own horn (oo-er) for a minute here. When I proposed to my girlfriend (now fiance, soon to be wife) I did my best to make it special and cheesy; you have to have both to make it worthwhile. I took her to a michelin starred restaurant, got all suited and booted, enjoyed the most expensive meal I’ve ever eaten and then…….wait for it……read her a poem I’d written before getting on one knee.

It was a layer cake of cliche upon cringeworthy cliche, and I realise that by admitting to this in public I will probably be ridiculed forever. But I don’t care because it went exactly to plan and has continued to score me boyfriend bonus points ever since.

However….YouTube has regularly shown us that some men are willing to go way beyond the call of duty when it comes to popping the question. Whether it be flash mobs, sporting events or a musical number in the middle of Disneyland, some guys have seemingly limitless amounts of time and resources when it comes to creating that one moment which, if we’re honest could still go either way. I can only imagine how many videos of surprise proposals were not uploaded to YouTube in the face of a denial from the proposee.

Well there’s a new kid on the block. A new magical marriage request moment that has shown itself online. This guy is awesome! He created his own puppet film, featuring Henson worthy creations, which act out key moments from him and his gal’s relationship. This leads up to his inevitable question. But the best part is that when he screened the film at a local cinema (with his unsuspecting other half in the audience) he filmed her every reaction. Yes it’s a little schmaltzy, but I have to admit that it had me all choked up. So give it a spin, and if you are proposing soon then I dare you to try and beat it.

James is a movie obsessive with a particular love for scores and screenplays. He has written for numerous blogs, sites and cinemas and has been involved in several screenwriting projects. He can usually be found in front of a large plasma screen devouring Westerns, 80s pulp, Jimmy Stewart movies or anything by the Coens.

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