New World’s End Trailer – Old Blue Eyes is Back!

After a great teaser trailer last week we have finally been given a proper look at Wright, Pegg and Frost’s final film in the Three Flavours Cornetto trilogy. This new clip for The World’s End gives us a much better understanding of the story alongside plenty more great gags and a community of crazed David Lo-pan blue eye wielding suburbanite robots!

It seems like there will be plenty of visual nods and continuity jokes to link this to Sean of the Dead and Hot Fuzz; the “blending in” moment, the fence jump and the crash zoom quick cut montages all suggest that we can look forward to a film very much akin to its predecessors – I consider this a very good thing.

I really like that Pegg and Frost seem to have switched over on straight man/idiot roles this time; it seems like Pegg is really relishing this role and chewing up every scene. It’s also great to see so many familiar and fresh comedy faces coming together to make this a world class British comedy lineup. I’m particularly looking forward to Reece Shearsmith’s performance as I’ve always felt he should have gone on to bigger things film wise. And having just seen Sightseers it will be great to watch Steve Oram taking on another comedy role (here’s hoping he gets some dark comedy to play with). Oh and of course Paddy Considine…..and Martin Freeman…..and Eddie Marsan…..and Mark Heap…….and you get the picture.

In case you don’t know, the film is released in August (earlier for UK punters, July 15th) and will no doubt provide a steller end to what looks like a fantastic summer lineup. After that we will all join hands and celebrate the magnificence that is Edgar Wright, following which we will all sit in an impatient huff as we wait to have our socks blown off by Wright’s next project; Ant Man!

This guy is on a serious roll!



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