TMNT – New posters and trailer revealed

Utilising a by-the-numbers-engage-audience-at-all-costs twitter marketing campaign, the upcoming TMNT movie recently had fans tweet for their favourite Turtle, so as to have their new character posters revealed.

People were asked to tweet #TeamLeonardo, #TeamMichelangelo, #TeamRaphael or #TeamDonatello (in a very Twilight-centric tweeny kind of way) and apparently the votes cast were used as a genuine basis to put out 4 new images of the snub nosed heroes. Obviously the plan was to release them anyway, irrespective of votes, and that is exactly what has happened.

For any of you eagle eyed followers of the Cultoid twitter account (@cultoid) you are probably wondering why I’m writing in such a cynical condescending tone, given that I voted for #TeamDonatello. Well the answer to that is that a) Donatello doesn’t get enough love anymore and b) once all the posters were released, the new trailer was released – and I am a sucker for trailers when I’m whiling away the hours on a sunny day.

So here are the new images, and below them you get the new trailer for the film, which for some reason is not released on UK shores until October, a full 3 months after the US. I thought that kind of delayed release pattern had long since disappeared. But hey ho them’s the breaks.





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