True Detective Season 2 Trailer

What made the first season of True Detective great was the characters. The often tumultuous relationship between Rust and Marty was the real heart of the show, and it quickly became apparent that it mattered more than the hunt for the killer. By the finale, after nearly ten hours of some truly iconic television, it was the moment outside the hospital, where the two detectives ruminated one final time on existential crises and life itself, that the show cemented itself as one of the great moments in TV history.

Now season two is upon us and we have the trailer for the next round; an all new story with all new players. That the trailer focuses on the broody stars rather than any real plot points is surely evidence that writer Nic Pizzolatto is hoping to again capture that sense of character taking the fore over the mystery surrounding it.

Plenty of those signature overhead shots, only with much more activity going on below. Gone are the swamps of Louisiana and in their place are dirty industrial lights and spaghetti highways. Roll on June!

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  1. Adam Bartle

    2 May, 2015 at 7:59 pm

    I’m really looking forward to this on the strength of the first one but I’m nervous about Vince & Colin. Matthew & Woody absolutely nailed it last time.

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