Witching and Bitching – The Trailer

*UPDATED – The film has been released in the US in theatres and on iTunes. If you want it in the UK make your voices heard!

Witching and Bitching is a fantastic name for a film. I think we can all agree on that. But what makes it even more incredible is that the film itself also looks like it will be a magnificent piece of original and adrenaline fuelled cinema.

It is a Spanish film directed by Alex de la Iglesia, and looks like an insane amalgamation of Edgar Wright, Paco Plaza and Mario Bava! Obviously it is far too early a stage to comment on what the finished product will deliver, but based on the trailer alone it looks like Iglesia gets it! The concept is fresh, the characters are irreverent and the story conveys plenty of wit, grit and edginess.

I particularly like that (for reasons unclear) one of the criminals was forced to bring a small child along with him for the robbery. I can only hope he gets to play a key part in the end result….whatever that may be. Witching and Bitching will make its international debut at the Toronto International Film Festival, following which I can only hope it will get some kind of UK distribution before the year is out…..fingers crossed.


No caption can live up to this image

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